What Do You Live For?


Walk down your path and find what you want to do.

Life is very precious indeed. For various reasons, every person on earth has something to live for. So I ask to myself, “What do I live for?” What is my will to survive. Is it just instinct to live on without know your own purpose? I don’t know. Do I live for everyone around me? I am not sure. I want to know, what keeps me alive everyday without falling in despair.

As I fall into this question, I see many answers. I see the love of friends, the smiles of kids, and the experience of life’s thrills. Your special person, Mom and Dad, brothers and sister, all reasons to live for. You would think that that is a lot for me to live for already, but then, why do I feel so alone. Isolated in my own world. I am surrounded by happiness and I can’t help but laugh and smile. Yet it feels like I am not really with them.

I remember I was a horrible student in elementary. I had no knowledge and reason, but because of that, I didn’t need a reason to live. I just lived because, life was amazing. You could imagine anything in the house as something new and cool, or as least cool in your mind. Nail clippers as spaceships or hats to crowns. You were your own “Curious George” at some moment.

I may not know what I live for, but I know I don’t want to just give up and die. I know I want to learn and discover. I still want to see the world and maybe, fine my purpose then. For now, I guess I will live my life. So I ask you the readers, why do you live. What is it that lets you keep going, that makes you strive and achieve. What is your reason to go down your path. Maybe you guys can help me find my own will.


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