Fate or Free Will

Sisters of Fate

Sisters of Fate

I wonder about this world, whether we can choose decisions, or are the decisions predetermined. Is it fate that makes us choose, or is it our own choice. A question that I am sure a lot of people would like to know. So let us think for a bit, and try to find an answer.

People say everything happens for a reason, that something happens for a greater good. That fate is in the works, but I think that is just said to take the easy way out. I’ve notice that people don’t like to own up to their own mistakes, no matter how small it is. It is easier to blame someone or something, rather than take it upon themselves. My friends, family, and even I do this. I remember reading about King Oedipus, and ill fate. To slay his father and marry his mother. He blames fate and the gods for doing him wrong.

However our lives may be determined already, (about to get nerdy) physicist talk about parallel universes. That our choice in a decision creates another universe, with the opposite choice made instead. So, if every choice is made already, then the choice we make in the present is our will, our will to choose where our conscience gets to see. Oedipus blames the gods, but it is ultimately his fault for killing his father (he was pushed aside by his father’s men and he killed him, but he did not know it was his father).

So our actions are predetermined, but we have a choice to choose what life we live in. So is that fate, or is that free will. Are we living in a life that can’t be controlled, but only following. I believe we are free, but I would like to believe in something that is destined for me. So that I know that every thing I do is for naught.


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