The Blind Solutions.


Don’t you wish you knew what is going to happen in the future. Of course everyone is curious about the future. Its like an itch that always comes back. It is just pure curiosity to know what is unknown. What if you could see through all possible decisions and futures, to know all the solutions to an answer. I know I would of aced all my test if I knew, but as the saying goes, ” There are things better left unknown.”

Everyday we are faced with problems and options or solutions. We choose which choice is best for the situation, or at least to best of the known tangible options to us. There could be an unknown solution that could potentially be better than your present choices, but what are these unknown solutions? How would you find these answers if they are unknown. Truth be told, I honestly don’t know myself.

However, when I look over our modern world, problems are not solved by individuals, but by the people. One man can’t process the information of the universe. Information is infinite, constantly being processed and created. However, when people work together, they can process small parts of this infinite data. They can become like a hive mind, sharing everything back and forth, and ultimately find a solution. Our modern day society wouldn’t work as nearly as well if we were all isolated.

So maybe, to find unknown solutions, is to share your situations. Share your ideas and work with everyone, to find an impossible solution. Two minds are better than one and so on.


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