Best of Worst Times & Foolish Wisdom

“It was the best of time;it as the worst of times…It was the age of wisdom;it was the age of foolishness.” –A Tale of Two Cities

The world is a better place today than it was hundreds of years ago. Well is it really better? The era we live in is blooming with technology and advancement, but all of this comes at a price. Everything new can be a double edge sword.

Everything has a dark side. Could be small or big. Look at our information, social networks and technological advancements. We could discover new things in a flash. We harnessed the power of new sources like our sun or nuclear fissure. We can do so much in so little time, but with all the new things, horrible things become possible. I just wonder when someone would use those horrible possibilities. We already used some of them, during the past. The atomic bomb, nuclear weapons, guns. It is not the best or the worst of times. That will come much later in the future I hope.

We live in a new age of information. Information that can be sent in an instant over the world at almost light speed. Yet, we grow more ignorant each day. People around the world become smart, but we realize how little we know. How little we can comprehend is our universe. The brighter we are, the darker shadows get. We are neither wise nor foolish, but both at once. We will never stop learning, because we are too intellectually curious. However, there is always a price to pay, whether it is paid as a race, or as an individual.


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