Train of Thought


I always find myself in a trance like state from time to time, where your mind just stops thinking. When there is nothing on your mind but pure silence. Its like all your senses are heightened and your vision is super focused on the space in front of you and not a certain thing like trees or floors or anything like that. Just the space in front of your eyes. It’s a very peaceful state.

Every day the human mind is in constant work, focused on tasks at hand. Even when you are doing nothing, you have thoughts that just float around in your mind. Meditation is a way to clear your mind of such thoughts, to have peace in yourself and with reality. In most times, meditation works by focusing solely on one task without any interference of any thoughts. Usually you would count your breath. Meditation is harder than it sounds and takes a while to get use to. I am referring to meditation because it is similar to the experience I mentioned earlier. Where you are aware of everything around you, and you can hear even the slightest sound. It is an incredible feeling when ever you get to experience it.

What would happen to you if you had no thoughts? If your mind was an empty shell full of knowledge and data of your reality. Well for one, you would be at peace with yourself. Something that I want. Peace and quiet. Not a sound and no thoughts. Just a soft grip on reality and the vision of the world around us.


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