Homework… Just Too Much?


Students everywhere are probably complaining about homework. Especially during high school with AP classes and sports or clubs. It is a long day, with even longer homework that takes almost all day to do. I figured it is important to do your homework for your practice, but it would be ridiculous to do homework all day with no leisure time. My friends are trapped in their own world of studies, day after day. Is it necessary to assign that much?

In my point of view, homework is very important, but it should be a little balanced between all classes. I’ve had friends who had almost no sleep the whole school year. Even I am starting to lose sleep. Although I can take it, I am worried about most of my friends’ health. They work to twelve A.M. or even longer every day with little breaks. They have been sleep deprived from all staying the whole night. I think it is taking its tole on them and that teachers in non-AP courses should limit to how much homework they should give. The reason for non-AP and not with AP is because AP tends to be mostly reading for an hour or two.

My schedule is usually packed too. With math taking about an hour, then Tale of Two Cities taking up almost two hours. History about thirty minutes to an hour and a half. Chemistry would take about an hour or two and language is another hour. I may finish on time, with no leisure time.

Even though this is just a ramble, I really think homework is ridiculous these days. Some people can not handle it as well as others. I personally seen friends being buried in studies all day. We feel tired and just want some time for sleep at least if not leisure. Whenever I try to make some time for fun like tennis or a hangout with friend, I stay up at late hours. I guess it is the payment of school life. Sorry for this ranting, but I don’t want to bother friends and this place seems perfect for my horrible writing skills.


3 thoughts on “Homework… Just Too Much?

  1. I completely agree! Homework should be for reinforcing material, not a chain and ball that holds us to the late hours of the night and early morning. What bugs me the most is that most teachers don’t even check homework or post up the grades. The effort should be equal on both ends. Thanks for this post! I could really relate 🙂

    • NP, and I really want to know my grades, but some of my teachers don’t even show me my grades. Bugs me out cause I don’t know which classes to focus on more to get a higher grade. Probably not going to get a 4.0 T_T.

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