Comedy takes on many forms. From physical to intellectual and sometimes even painful embarrassment. I find it amusing that comedy is based on a person’s view of things, because for me, most things that should be funny aren’t. At least to say they are funny to my friends. Maybe I just hang out with the wrong crowd of people. But I wonder, what is comedy to us. Why is there such a thing as comedy that exist. 

The sense of humor is an interesting concept. We all have a sense of humor, but it takes a different form for each individual. Such as me for example. My sense of humor is very simple, it is not evolved or highly developed. I find the simpler jokes funny, but when it comes to complex jokes or weird stories, (at least in my mind), I find it hard to understand them. My friend however, finds everything funny. From simple jokes, to long complex stories, and even weird political jokes. Makes me think of comedy as a sort of reward system in a sense. The more knowledge you know, the more you understand. Which is then rewarded at the moment you laugh out loud on some joke that I wouldn’t understand. A reward for you intellect and understanding of knowledge.

Although it would be nice for comedy to be a reward for intelligence, there is a lot more to it. Laughter is a tool to society. Is a weapon, against the corners of sorrow or despair. As Charles Dickens wrote, “There is nothing so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” We all experienced laughter, the feeling of joy and tears. It is a unique and exquisite feeling. It gives us a small escape from reality in that moment, even just for a second. Laughter IS the best medicine. For stress and for all in general. It lets us grin with a smile again. So the next time you make a person laugh, you just made someone forget about the stress for a second.


3 thoughts on “Comedy

  1. I can attest to the fact that laughter is the best medicine, and wholly agree with it ^u^
    Also the simplest definition of humor is ‘a deviation from the expected.’ I suppose that means that what kind of amusing things we don’t expect, we often find funny. It seems to me that not much catches you off guard, if that’s the case 😉
    I like your ideas, and am curious to know more about what kind of things you find humorous. What specifically makes you laugh? 🙂

    • Actually, I do not really know what makes me laugh. I usually find myself laughing to random things for no reason at all. I find that I do not know myself as well as one would should. However, I know I am happy just to have fun with friends and everyone. Even if I don’t get their jokes or humor, it’s alright, because everyone gets to smile XD.

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