Time for studies and cramming sessions again… Lots of highschool and college students feel the pressure of tests, but finals is like a test three times over. Probably because it is based off of the entire semester and probably determines your grade. Students everywhere, start cramming till late at night. IT IS THE FIRST THOUGHT. But it is not the best option you should do.

I find that cramming is effective… to an extent. Now it is great for some people, but for most people, it is not the best choice. Cramming knowledge into your brain allows you to retain knowledge very well for that day or even a few days, but people usually cram their knowledge through the night, which is a bad idea. EVERYONE NEEDS SLEEP. Doesn’t matter what age you are, you need to sleep the appropriate amount. Which is usually when till your dreaming(Rem sleep). Sleep is the process of sorting memories and information as useful or useless, required or unrequired. IF you don’t get enough sleep then you will not retain info as well as you should. Another thing about sleep deprivation, is your brain does not function at full potential. So I would suggest cramming sessions earlier and sleep earlier. Unless your ok with a unfully functional brain cluttered with too much information at once.

A major problem with finals is the STRESS. Most kids would be stressfull during these times, but you guessed it, not good for the test. Their is a lot of ways to deal with stress, such as diaries or games and friends. You want to get rid of all stress during your studies, and during your test. The best way I know is by writing your thoughts and feelings down. For some reason, writing down feelings would let your feelings ease out, like you stamped it down on the paper. I don’t know your methods, but you shouldn’t stress over the finals to the point of metal breakdown.

Lastly, it is okay. It is not the end of world on these couple of test. Sure it is a grade, but you can be a success, even as a failure. Just keep trying your best, if you can do that and accept the scores of your test, then your all good. I am not saying to just bomb the test  though. But your life will still go on after high school and college. What you do with it is up to you.


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