That One and Only Book (Unedited)


There are people who can sit for hours on end, reading. Then there are those who can not even pay attention for ten minutes, and forget everything that happens. Well I wish I was the first type of person.

To me, at least, reading is LITERALLY the worst thing I am bad at. Almost every book I hold is just a sleeping pill. I can’t read for long and when I do, my mind wanders the earth in some distant fantasy. When ever I read about a certain topic that is related to my life, in some form, I would immediately travel to that exact moment, forgetting what I am reading in front of me. That is why I find it hard to enjoy a book, or at least to its fullest.

Now, I do not know if I have a preference to a certain genre, because I have probably not read a wide variety of books. I do not think I will be reading that many books in the future either. However, there are books that do grab my attention strong and firmly. Some of which are in high school books, like  All Quiet on the Western Front or The Count of Monte Cristo. Reading these books made me think of my world in a different view. I was able to feel emotion in reading for the first time, but they still lacked something for me.

I know these were great classics, but I still feel like I don’t enjoy these to the fullest. I do not know if there is a book that will make sit for hours on end, or shake with excitement and anxiousness. All I know is that everyone has a taste, something that you have to explore to find. You won’t know till you try it out.


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