I am an active tennis player. Almost everyday too. I play a couple of games here and there. The big thing that my friends usually ask me, is how I do so well under pressure. Well, I do not exactly know…

Pressure is not a bad thing, in fact it is probably a good thing too, at the right moments however. It makes you get your work done, motivation. It gives you a challenge, who doesn’t love a challenge. At least a fun one. There are many ways to deal with pressure, and one way is to follow your habits. A daily routine that you always do. Doesn’t have to be something big. Could be tying your shoe lace, or wiggling around for five seconds. I don’t know you so I can’t say. Doing something that is routine and daily helps relieve stress and pressure. May not feel like it, but it helps loosen you up a bit.

Another thing you can do is, changing your mind set. If you are telling yourself to “WIN” or “ACE IT”, IMMEDIATELY STOP. Telling yourself that will not help anything, in fact, probably add more stress instead. You want to try to focus on your play, the game. Not the POINTS or the SCORE, just the GAME. What you should be thinking is probably what to do during your game. For me, well tennis is complicated. I think of “toss it straight and on my right, flick my wrist earlier, and play safe till an opening appears.” That is just for serves. Combine that with daily routine, such as opening my hand as wide as possible or playing with the strings, and you get a powerful and confident serve.

One last tip you can do is to realize that tennis is fun, whether you are losing or winning. Probably more fun when your winning, but you have to have fun. Getting frustrated helps no one. It is not the end of the world. If you just try your best, and you know you did, then you will have fun. Losing is a good thing too. You will not win at every game there is. You don’t gain much from winning, just the “Great Job” feeling. When you lose, you gain experience, knowledge of what to work on, and what to strive for. Now don’t get me wrong, and just start messing around while playing, but you just got to have fun while being serious. You probably think that is not possible, but it is.


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