What Makes You, You


We should take the time to notice the surroundings, what we have and what this world is made of. The light in our souls and even the dark side. And be grateful that they are there, because everything together creates a unique person called you. I want to know what defines a person. IS it the history, the past, the perception of a person, culture like religion, or the VERY genes in your cells?? Well all opinions are different now, aren’t they.

At first thought, I would think the defining factor of who you are is your experience, your life as you know it. Just a bundle of memories and emotions. It would make sense. However, people have different minds, a different perspective on the same situation. Think of the Matrix, where you find that there were many versions of Neo. Each one was different, with a different view. They all lived the same situation, the same life in a word, but they were individually different.

Every little moment, no matter how small, can make a difference in your life. Maybe just noticing a small butterfly as a kid, would turn you to an artist. Or a telescope with dazzling stars and planets could make you an Astronomer. Each little moment, is a memory that should be thought of. Everything around us should be taken into view. Who knows what might come of it.


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