Best of Worst Times & Foolish Wisdom

“It was the best of time;it as the worst of times…It was the age of wisdom;it was the age of foolishness.” –A Tale of Two Cities

The world is a better place today than it was hundreds of years ago. Well is it really better? The era we live in is blooming with technology and advancement, but all of this comes at a price. Everything new can be a double edge sword.

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Hope and Determination

Hope comes in many forms and determination force behind those who try to reach rather then hope. Both very important. Yet, I don’t have a driving force or determination, and my hope has wandered off to space. I feel like nothing is going to happen, that I am just  watching time fly by, speeding up. The video above was something that I watched a while a few days ago. To be honest, got a little emotional and I thought it was inspiring and amazing. I hope you find this video great and have a nice day.

The Blind Solutions.


Don’t you wish you knew what is going to happen in the future. Of course everyone is curious about the future. Its like an itch that always comes back. It is just pure curiosity to know what is unknown. What if you could see through all possible decisions and futures, to know all the solutions to an answer. I know I would of aced all my test if I knew, but as the saying goes, ” There are things better left unknown.” Continue reading

Innovative Minds


There are so many people out there with creative ideas. They can imagine and create new things. They are the artist with this world’s canvas. I wonder how they come up with these ideas. Do they have some secret to it all? Or is it just and idea that pops in by chance? I wish I had a creative mind, so that I will be able to see outside of this enclosed box.  Continue reading

Fate or Free Will

Sisters of Fate

Sisters of Fate

I wonder about this world, whether we can choose decisions, or are the decisions predetermined. Is it fate that makes us choose, or is it our own choice. A question that I am sure a lot of people would like to know. So let us think for a bit, and try to find an answer. Continue reading

Save Life or be Saved?

Give it life, and let it grow.

Give it life, and let it grow.

What would you do if you had to choose to save a person’s life or save to your own? This person is a total stranger. I’ve been hearing a lot of sad stories from news, friends, and social media. So I wondered, what if a situation like that arise in front of me. What would I do then?

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Introduction to Wandering Conscience

Hello, my name is Tai. I am a random person who just started this blog as a way to express ideas, questions, and emotions as well. This is my first blog, so I am still learning the perks, but I will find out what I can and cant do on wordpress. That way my post will get better in the future.  I will be posting every Sunday and maybe some extra post here and there.
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What Do You Live For?


Walk down your path and find what you want to do.

Life is very precious indeed. For various reasons, every person on earth has something to live for. So I ask to myself, “What do I live for?” What is my will to survive. Is it just instinct to live on without know your own purpose? I don’t know. Do I live for everyone around me? I am not sure. I want to know, what keeps me alive everyday without falling in despair. Continue reading