Comedy takes on many forms. From physical to intellectual and sometimes even painful embarrassment. I find it amusing that comedy is based on a person’s view of things, because for me, most things that should be funny aren’t. At least to say they are funny to my friends. Maybe I just hang out with the wrong crowd of people. But I wonder, what is comedy to us. Why is there such a thing as comedy that exist.  Continue reading


What Do You Live For?


Walk down your path and find what you want to do.

Life is very precious indeed. For various reasons, every person on earth has something to live for. So I ask to myself, “What do I live for?” What is my will to survive. Is it just instinct to live on without know your own purpose? I don’t know. Do I live for everyone around me? I am not sure. I want to know, what keeps me alive everyday without falling in despair. Continue reading